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Chinese Canadian Children's Choir of Canada

Registration for 2018 March Break C5 Camp


March 12  to March 16 2018


Please click the following link to fill the Online registration form.


C5 Wechat social media account: C5Choir
C5 site:


You can also scan the below C5 Wechat social media account QR code to find more information on C5 and its staffs, courses and registration details.

Registration and payment methods


Payment can be made through:
1) on-site at registration: Every Sunday 2PM-5PM
Address:All Saints Lutheran Church, 1061 Pinecrest Rd, Ottawa, ON K2B 6B7

2) E-transfer :

3) Cheque made payable to Chinese Canadian Children's Choir of Canada. Mail to C5 at 67 Allenby Road, Ottawa ON. K2K 2J8

Payment agreement

1, Reduced fee: Family with second child less $50, third child less $100。
2, Fee paid in full at the registration.

Please note:
1, Tuition fee must be paid before class starts.
2, If paid by cheques, please make it payable to: Chinese Canadian Children's Choir of Canada。
3, If decided to withdraw after the registration, there is a non-refundable $50 administrative charge.
4, If decided to withdraw after the class starts, same rule applies.  Parent needs to inform C5 by writing to
6, To respect teaching, rehearsal and choir arrangement,  no refund will be made after 2 days try-out in C5 class.
7,  There will be $25 transaction charge for any returned cheque.


On-site staff


• Antonio Llaca, C5 Dragon Class Music Conductor
• Zhuomin Liu, C5 Pianoist
• Yadong Guang, C5 Founder, Musician

Vocal Teacher:Conductors
• Antonio Llaca, C5 Dragon Class Music Conductor
• Zhuomin Liu, C5 Pianoist

Music Director:
• Yadong Guan,  C5 Artistic Director, Pipa

Camp Staff:
• C5 Staff: 2
• C5 Parent volunteers: 2
• Student volunteers: 3



Camp Schedule 

  Drop Off/Check In:  Set kids off into groups, warm up and prepare for the class
  Introduction to the day; New themes of the day/exact schedule
  Choir repertoire
  Break and snack
  Choir repertoire
  Lunch and play

  Vocal training
  Break and snack
  Dance, posture and movement training
  Drum and rhythm training
 4:30 pm
  Check Out




• Daily 2.5 hours intensive chorus training
• Daily 1 hour vocal training
• Fun activities for kids
• Convenient location: close to bus, park, mall, library
• Hot lunch is included
Activities for Recital Repertoire
• Choir Voice training: to include, good sound, vocal support, head voice versus chest voice, clear tone, how to get good pitch, singing long lines, better breathing, basic technique
• Listening: singing rounds/cannons, singing chords in block harmony, listening to the accompanist (if we have one), listening to recordings and identifying instruments, recognizing intervals
• Written: basic scales, how to write a chord, aural melodic dictation, basic rhythmic dictation
• Note reading
• Fun time: Action songs, hand sign songs, crazy voice songs, simple harmony songs,

Break Time Activities
Chinese and Western musical instruments demo and training (Pipa, Buzuki, etc.); Tobogganing,  drawing, reading, coloring musical pictures; Chinese lessons

Choir Classes

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