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Fréquence Pékinoise


Chinese pipa, guitar, and cello, featured in a bold, “East-meets-West” repertoire including traditional Chinese and Irish music, modern classical works, and selections from the Quebec song repertoire... without a doubt, Fréquence pékinoise promises an intensely moving musical experience! Though the three performers offer sophisticated renditions of works by Debussy, Vivaldi, and de Falla, the real highlight, for you, is to discover the pipa. Virtuoso Yadong Guan delivers a magnificent solo on the instrument, followed by a few explanations to provide some insight into its many subtleties.

Aside from the exotic instrumental aspect of Fréquence pékinoise, you will be deeply moved by Yadong Guan’s soothing singing voice. Don’t miss this enchanting musical encounter of rare beauty and musical intensity!


Yadong Guan, pipa and voice

Claude Gagnon, guitar

Carla Antoun, cello


Total duration: 51'30''

Recorded in 2005

Mozaïka - Bound for the Orient


Mozaïka brings together the musical traditions from the East and West through the ages.

Dipping sometimes into traditional repertoire and at other times into the works of Western composers inspired by the East or Middle East, this recording presents a program of both previously unpublished arrangements and original compositions. Two short “musical frescoes” of a historical nature complete the picture: La porte de glace (Ice Gateway), a liberal conjuring up of the movement of the nomadic people from Asia into North America at least 12,000 to 15,000 years ago, and Caravanes (Caravans) which brings Marco Polo’s travels in the Orient back to life.

The rich blend of tones from the plucked stringed instruments—pipa (Chinese lute), lutes, guitars, bouzouki and oud—together with a musical approach distinguished by its energy and sensitivity lends Mozaïka its totally unique character.


Yadong GUAN, pipa
François LECLERC, lute and guitar
Andrew WELLS-OBEREGGER, oud, bouzouki, percussion
David JACQUES, lute and guitar


Total duration: 59'19''  

Recorded in 2011

Classic pipa collection


Traditional Chinese music with pipa.


Yadong Guan is a true musical ambassador who brilliantly masters the pipa, a traditional Chinese instrument that is over 2,000 years old. Handling the metal and nylon-stringed instrument with impressive virtuosity, Guan uncovers one of her country’s hidden treasures, offering audiences a truly exotic experience. Those who have been privileged to watch her perform have been enraptured by her profound artistic sensitivity and by the sounds of the pipa, which range from delicate and gentle to brisk and powerful.



Orchestra: China Central Nationality Orchestra

Conductor: Yulin

Supervisor: Lin shicheng

Studio: China International Broadcasting Station​


Total duration: 50'40''

Recorded in 1997

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