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Chinese Canadian

Childrens Choir of Canada


Chinese Canadian Childrens Choir of Canada


What makes us so different? Apprently C5 with 5Cs...what else?


Chinese Canadian Children's Choir of Canada (C5) is a not-for-profit organization with focus on developing fundamental understanding of music, life, expression of feeling, and intercultural communication for kids between the ages of 5 and18. It shares East meets West experience and helps to raise the culture awareness and confidence of young Chinese Canadians. It  promotes learning languages and cultures through singing Chinese, English and French songs, enables kids to learn to appreciate and to embrace the spirit of multiculturalism in Canada.



To develop a deep understanding and love of humanity, world cultures, and languages. Also to promote the development of a fundamental understanding of music, life, expression of feeling, and intercultural communication.



C5 is recognized for the quality of its programming  and itsfocus on the Canadian and Chinese cultures. We undertake to foster an environment of sincerity, dedication, and responsibility as we combine histories, traditions, languages, and cultures of the World.


C5’s repertoire contains songs composed by its own members that have won gold medals from Chinese children’s song writing competitions held in Beijing. 



C5 supports its members’ development through an active program of choral learning and performance. In the practice of learning and operations as a choir, C5 will nurture strong parent-conductor-student relationships with close ties to the community. It undertakes to foster, recognize and appreciate the contributions and achievements of its members.


Our choir teaches members Chinese and Western songs, a fusion of the two, and helps them to develop a better sense of cultures with a focus on the Chinese, English, and French languages.


Target Audience:

C5 aspires to become widely recognized for the quality of its music, its positive way to develop and nurture its members in the Chinese community in Ottawa. It also works on attracting local communities interested in Chinese cultures in general and in Chinese music in particular. C5 has focus on cultural exchanges between Canada and China nationwide, it extends its stage in Canada, China and countries around the world when applicable.

Yadong Guan

合唱团创始人,艺术总监。中国中央民族大学琵琶专业毕业,加拿大拉瓦尔大学 (University Laval) 现代音乐作曲硕士。 任教于加拿大卡尔顿大学音乐系, 是加拿大著名华裔音乐人,琵琶演奏家。她对多种音乐风格的深入研究和创作以及卓越的音乐演奏造诣将中国的传统乐器琵琶带上加拿大主流舞台,被本地西人媒体及社团一致誉为真正的音乐大使。


管亚东在中国曾师从中国非物质遗产传人, 著名浦东派琵琶大师林石城先生学习琵琶多年。 作为加拿大知名音乐家,管亚东创立了多个乐团,2000年在魁北克创立加拿大第一支中西融合弦乐队,成功将中国琵琶带到加拿大主要音乐节及音乐会节目中。她的音乐得到中西方观众的高度赞扬,多次接受主流媒体报道,为包括CBC, Bravol, Radio Canada等电台及电视频道录制音乐,足迹遍及东西海岸。






2015年:  发明的电声摇滚琵琶获得中国国家专利

















Zuomin Liu

Zhuomin Liu graduated  from Xinghai Conservatory of Music in China and majored in music composition. She is a Chinese Canadian musician, RCM registered advanced specialist piano teacher. Being a music composer, apart from dedicating to piano teaching, she created a lot of music products in different style over the past decade . She also worked as a artistic directior for many successful local city and/or community music shows .


Zhuomin Liu has been cooperating with Guan Yadong studio since 2016. Being the arranger of the original song "grandmother's hug", she mixed vocal with different instruments such as piano, cello, violin and Chinese pipa. She explored the amalgamation of  Chinese and Western music elements. This art work won the gold medal in the "Beauty Of The Heart" children's song creation contest in 2017 Year. 


We hope she can create more classic works for the public in the future.


Patricia Kaiser

Patricia Kaiser is a trained vocal music teacher with 19 years of elementary teaching experience, primarily with the Ottawa Catholic School Board. She has extensive experience performing in a variety of choirs, including Ensemble Calixa Lavalée under the direction of Laurence Ewashko. She has also performed in and served as music director for several amateur musical theatre productions. Patricia currently sings with the Canterbury Trebles women’s choir, who have achieved  2nd place in Canada at the national level of competition.


Patricia's passion is children's choral music, and she has been directing children's choirs, both in Canada and in Germany, over the past 18 years. Patricia has worked with OCSB choirs since 2006, and is in her 10th year as director of the Young Voices Choir. The Young Voices Choir is the training choir for the OCSB Children's Choir, and is comprised of approximately 50 singers from 9-13 years old. Under Patricia’s direction, the Young Voices have often achieved first place in their class in the Kiwanis Music Festival, and have been recipients of the Centennial Choir Award.


OCSB Young Voices Choir Website:


Antonio Llaca

Antonio Llaca has been conducting Coro Vivo Ottawa since 2009. Cuban born, Antonio obtained his Bachelor of Music in Musicology at the University of Ottawa, where he also studied choral conducting and classical guitar. Prior to this, Antonio first undertook studies in music at the Instituto Universitario de Estudios Musicales (IUDEM) in Caracas, Venezuela. He holds a Master’s degree in Choral Conducting from Université de Sherbrooke (Montreal) under the tutelage of Maestro Robert Ingari.


While at the University of Ottawa, Antonio worked closely with Laurence Ewashko, he also held the position of Choral Assistant to the Ottawa Festival Chorus at the National Arts Centre from 2007 to 2011, working closely with Maestro Ewashko, as well as with internationally acclaimed Choral Conductor, Duain Wolfe. In March 2012, Antonio was among six selected choral conductors who worked under Michael Zaugg in the Montreal Choral Institute for the 2012 master class edition.


In addition to his conducting positions, Antonio has been highly involved in the Ottawa music community and is well known and regarded by those who have worked with him. Antonio is a classical guitarist and classical mandolin player, and has performed in venues such as the Ottawa Jazz Festival, Ottawa Bluesfest, and the Ottawa Folk Festival, as well as with the National Arts Centre Orchestra and Montreal's Orchestre Métropolitain. Currently, he is engaged as a conducting teacher at Carleton University, instructing students in special stylistic features of Instrumental conducting as well as a variety of practical techniques – gesture, conducting patterns, score study, etc. 

C5 Choirs

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