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Learning Pipa and Piano with Yadong Guan


Master, Musical composition, Laval University. Quebec , Canada

B.Music, pipa performence, The Central University for Nationalities, Beijing,  China


Pipa class


Learn to play the Pipa – a magnificent Chinese traditional instrument. The experienced pipa master teaching all age, Guan offers both private and group lessons for students who want to take Central Conservatory of Music examinations as well as for those who want to play for fun and enjoyment of music.


  • Learning Pipa will help students to concentrate, relax and enjoy

  • The class give students better knowledge of Chinese and Western music culture, fine-tune your own personality, build self-confidence and sense of pride of Chinese culture and heritage


  • Pipa is a unique Chinese instrument which employs ten fingers to play. Playing pipa efficiently coordinates brain and hands movements and helps to develop on potential. Guan makes it easy for you to grasp the performance skill

  • Classes can be taught in French, English, Chinese Mandarin

  • Pipa will be available at no charge for class use. Instrument and related materials are available for sale.

Piano class


Beginners of 5 years old children and adults . Guan offers Piano lessons structured individually for students who want to take Royal Conservatory of Music or Trinity College of London examinations as well as for those who want to play for fun and enjoyment of music.


  • Classes can be taught in French, English, and Chinese Mandarin.

  • The rate is based on 45 minute, private lessons

  • The second family member from the same family receives 10% off the rates providing all members are taking regular weekly lessons.

  • Please note: Books are not included in lesson fees.

  • Recommendation to teachers when students grade advanced



Online canlendar to book couse time 


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