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Pipa, guitar and cello


  • Beijing frequency (Claude Gagnon)

  • Dance of the miller (Manuel de Falla)

  • The girl with the flaxen hair (Claude Debussy)

  • Czardas (Vittorio Monti)

  • The moon represents my heart (Sunyi, Tangni)

Photo credit: Shanghai international arts festival 2010


Duet: Pipa & guitar


  • ​Agua y vinho (Egberto Gismonti)


  • Isabeau (Folklore Quebecois) 


  • Jasmine flower (Chinese folklore) 


  • Le doux chagrin (Gilles Vigneault) 


  • La volta/Horn pipe (trad. Irish )



Photo credit: John kaowalski

Pipa solo: Chinese classic and Contemporary


  • The spring snow

  • Ambush

  • The pine in winter

  • Jump for joy


Photo credit: Tina Picard


Pipa and Guzheng


  • The night over the river in springtime


  • J'ai plante un chene,  Live on Des mots sur mesure II

  • Melodie Yao

  • Clauds and the moon


Photo courtesy by Radio Canada




  • Fandango - danse de la menuiere (Manuel de Falla)

  • Hungary - Allegro barbaro (Bela Bartok)

  • Dance for seniors (Aram Khatchaturian)

  • Lezghinka (Aram khatchaturian)

  • Nuages (Yadong Guan arr.)

  • Pingpong - ((Traditional Irland) 


Photo credit: Louis Leblanc

Pipa with guitar ensemble

Pipa with orchestra


  • Sambuca
     ----Extract from live concerts


  • Concerto en do (A.Vivaldi)

  • The moon

Photo: Henri Gagnon musical hall, Laval university, QC





  • Laideronette-Imperatrice-des-pagodes (Maurice Ravel)

  • Estampie ( Claude Gagnon)

  • Czacan (H. U. Staeps)


Photo credit: Louis Leblanc


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