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«She was a knockout! The best act of all the season! Inspiring! »

Laurie Peaker (Vernon, BC, December 2009)



«One of the more exotic evenings recently featured the distinguished Pipa virtuoso and composer, Yadong Guan, originally from Beijing. […]This award winning player has done much to explore the occidental repertoire that can be played on this instrument. This gifted and elegant player was accompanied by two renowned musicians in their own right - David Jacques on guitar and Christophe Lobel on cello in a wonderful fusion of music from East and West. The performance, which featured several classical Chinese pieces as well as some by Western classical composers, such as Bartok and Claude Gagnon, received a well-deserved standing ovation from the appreciative audience. It is a rare and delightful experience, to have the opportunity to attend such a performance and the beauty of the musical pieces was matched by the elegance and delicacy of the performer in a gorgeous Chinese dress. »


Steven and Ellie Kennard, Evergreen Theatre, Nova-Scotia, April 4th 2009

"A young woman of astonishing virtuosity" 


Nord Info, Sainte-Therese de Blainville 

«The Orillia Concert Association presented Yadong Guan, pipa, accompanied by Peter Rapson, cello and Gerry Elliott, guitar on Saturday, March 21  2009. It proved to be an extraordinary musical event. […] I witnessed the amazing effect that she had on her audience then and to my relief but not surprise she did not disappoint the audience in Orillia. […] When she sang and played a lovely Chinese folk song, "The moon expresses my heart" many people were moved to tears. I have never witnessed this in a concert before. The use of guitar and cello to accompany the pipa was an excellent addition and brought some valuable contrast to the overall sound. All three instruments have their own unique sound and these complimented each other perfectly.


The program was not flashy as so many of our programs tend to be now. Rather it was sublimely satisfying from a musical point of view and for this reason I have had far more positive feedback than I can remember for any other concert that we have presented. They positively loved it! »


Stan Passfield, Orillia Concert Association - Ontario, March 21st 2009

TV Programs

Can be watched under  video page

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CTV Moncton, NB: Yadong Guan Trio

China Workers NetTV interview & talk show, Beijing

Meet in Beijing World Music Festival, CCTV

Beijing Music Hall, World Music Festival, CCTV

Beijing Television Art channel, Beijng, 2013

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